72. Evaluatation of an innovative mentorship program - Multilevel mentorship model - Does it meet the needs of residents?

C. T.J. Elliott, J. Buxton, S. Froese


The UBC community medicine mentorship program was established in 2003 and is continually evaluated. In response to resident feedback, we developed an innovative mentorship model that involves mentorship of junior residents by both mentors from the professional community and senior residents. This new multilevel mentorship model (MMM) was implemented in 2005. It was evaluated for its ability to (1) foster professional and personal relationships among mentors and mentees, (2) help residents develop career goals and (3) support residents who were having challenges in the program.
The program was evaluated using an on-line survey, with both Likert scale and short-answer responses. The survey was completed by 10/13 (77%) residents, 7/13 (54%) community medicine professionals (CMPs). For the first level, CMP-resident mentorship, 9/10 residents and 5/7 CMPs agreed that a positive relationship was maintained, and that they benefited from the relationship; 8/10 residents agreed that career counseling occurred. Two of the three residents who had conflict in the program felt that they were supported by their CMP mentor. Mentorship was a positive experience even for two residents who left the program. For the second level, senior-junior resident mentorship, all relationships started within the first month of the program and all residents agreed that a positive relationship was maintained throughout the year. Career counseling occurred in 2/3 junior-senior resident pairs. All three residents agreed that their resident mentor supported them during a conflict. Several resident- and CMP-mentors described heightened awareness of issues that residents face in training.
The multilevel mentorship model has considerable potential for fostering mentoring relationships, career planning, and helping residents overcome the challenges of residency.
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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25011/cim.v30i4.2833


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