70. Supporting IMG integration into residency trainings

S. Glover Takahashi, M. Alameddine, D. Martin, S. Verma, S. Edwards


This paper is describes the design, development, implementation and evaluation of a preparatory training program for international medical trainees. The program was offered for one week full time shortly before they begin their residency training programs. First the paper reports on the survey and focus groups that guided the learning objectives and the course content. Next the paper describes the curriculum development phase and reports on the topical themes, session goals and objectives and learning materials. Three main themes emerged when developing the program: understanding the educational, health and practice systems in Canada; development of communication skills; and supporting personal success in residency training including self assessment, reflection and personal wellness. Sample lesson plans and handouts from each of the theme areas are illustrated. The comprehensive evaluation of the sessions and the overall program is then also described. The paper then summarizes the identified key issues and challenges in the design and implementation of a preparatory training program for international medical trainees before they begin their residency training programs.
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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25011/cim.v30i4.2831


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