69. International medical graduates (IMGs) needs assessment study: A comparison between current IMG trainees and program directorss

S. Verma, R. Zulla, M. O. Baerlocher


A needs assessment study was conducted to explore the types of issues or challenges IMG trainees encounter and the experiences of Program Directors with teaching this unique group. Both groups were asked to rate the importance of a series of issues in a horizontal curriculum using a 5-point Likert Scale. These issues fell under one of the following categories: Clinical Skills and Knowledge, Other Skills, Communication and Working Relationships, Macro Issues and Other Work-Related Issues. The scale was then collapsed to a 3-point Likert scale. Results were used to develop a horizontal curriculum for incoming IMGs to help ease their transition into residency training within the Canadian context.
The majority of program directors (93%) and IMG trainees (63%) surveyed agreed that a horizontal curriculum for IMGs should be developed. Program Directors indicated that basic clinical skills and communication with team members were important to include (79% and 90%, respectively). IMGs felt that Marco Issues were importance in a horizontal curriculum, namely an orientation about the Canadian healthcare system and site hospitals (71% and 59%, respectively), followed by communication with patients (67%). Significant differences were found with regards to the inclusion of communication with other residents and the inclusion of orientation sessions on the Canadian Health Care System and site hospitals.
These findings demonstrate there is a need for a core IMG curriculum. There is a slight disparity regarding what specific topics to include but a consensus between both groups exists on the primary domains of communication, inclusion of specialty specific skills and knowledge as well as professional interaction.
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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25011/cim.v30i4.2830


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