64. International child health (ICH) education in Canadian paediatric residency programss

T. Audcent, H. MacDonnell, J. Brenner, L. Samson


A national survey was conducted of current ICH exposure and curriculum in pediatric residency programs. Our objectives were to quantify ICH teaching presently occurring, to identify how programs support trainees in undertaking ICH electives during their training, to determine attitudes towards ICH amongst paediatric program directors and chief residents across the country, and to identify barriers to ICH curriculum expansion within the post-graduate programs.
A population census of all 44 chief residents and program directors from the 16 Canadian pediatric programs was undertaken. A self-administered survey was developed de novo for this study. Twenty-two qualitative and quantitative questions were developed under the following domains: demographics, program content, electives, attitudes and perceptions, barriers and future directions. Surveys were completed electronically. Descriptive statistics were used, and common themes were extracted from qualitative responses.
The response rate was 65% (29 surveys), with 81% of the training programs represented. Seventy-three percent of the program directors, and 44% of the chief residents from across the country responded. Eighty-nine percent reported that their program did not have a formal curriculum in ICH. All respondents reported some ICH related educational sessions, however certain areas felt to be key were lacking. 80% agreed that electives should be encouraged as part of residency training, but 72% indicated lack of adequate funding for these electives. Overall, 86% agreed that ICH issues are important for paediatric trainees and 84% indicated that more emphasis should be placed on ICH in the paediatric resident curriculum. Eighty-six percent of respondents agreed that their program would be interested in new initiatives regarding ICH.
The results of this survey demonstrate that although there are opportunities for ICH exposure in most paediatric training programs, formalized curriculum is lacking. The majority of programs indicated a willingness to support the integration of an ICH curriculum into their core educational components.
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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25011/cim.v30i4.2825


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