62. Does an expert presentation raise awareness of CanMEDs Roles among residents?s

S. Jenkins, K. Crocker, P. Jeon, M. Borgaonkar, D. Pace, S. Verma


We set out to determine whether an expert presentation on CanMEDS would raise awareness of CanMEDS roles among residents. We addressed this question with paired surveys distributed before and after the expert presentation.
Each survey outlined seven different clinical scenarios each of which required one of the seven core CanMEDS competencies. Paired surveys were distributed prior to the presentation to the audience that was composed of a selection of residents from various disciplines. One survey was filled out prior to and the second survey completed following the expert presentation.
Data were analysed using nonparamentric statistical methods. There was in general, a low pre-presentation background knowledge of CanMEDS roles, with wide variability between specialties. Our hypothesis that disciplines with less patient contact would have less understanding of CanMEDS roles was not fully supported. All specialties demonstrated improvement in their understanding of CanMEDS roles in the post-presentation survey.
While there is a low background level of knowledge about CanMEDS roles, we determined that following an expert presentation (in this case by Dr. Serita Verma) the residents were significantly more able to correctly apply the core competencies of the CanMEDS model to the given clinical scenarios. We propose that an expert presentation could be applied as an innovative educational tool advancing CanMEDS education among residents.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25011/cim.v30i4.2823


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