Healthcare Workers at Dialysis Centers and Students Studying in Dialysis Departments: Behavioural Assessment

Nukhet Bayer, Birsen Bilgen Sivri, Muzeyyen Arslan


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine the behaviours of students studying dialysis and health personnel working at dialysis centers and the influencing factors.

Methods: Students studying dialysis department at Turgut Özal University (n=70) and healthcare personnel working at eight Dialysis Centers located in the center of Ankara (n=83) were recruited. Data was collected from personal information forms and Healthy Life Style Behaviours (HLSB)-II scale. Data were analysed Student’s t test, Man Whitney U test, Kruskal Wallis Test and Pearson correlation analysis; p<0.05 or p<0.01 were considered statistically significant.

Findings: The majority (n=52; 74.3%) of the students participating the research were female, with an average age of 22.09±2.17 years and 55.7% (n=39) were in 2nd year. Similarly, the majority of the healthcare personnel were female (n=73; 88%) with an average of age of 35.37±8.29 years and 30.1% had a Bachelor's degree. Total HLSB II point of the students' was 128.06±22.00 and health responsibility, one of scale sub-scores, was significantly higher in female than male students (p<0.05), and there was no statistically significant difference between smoking, age and scale sub-dimensions (p>0.05). Total HLSB II point of the healthcare personnel was 115.61±14.26, and physical activity, one of scale sub-scores, was significantly lower in females compared to males (p<0.01). 

Conclusion: It was determined that total HLSB II point of the students is medium and significantly higher compared with healthcare personnel. Continuing education for protecting and improving health should be provided for healthcare personnel.

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