The Potential Beneficial Effects Of Hand And Foot Bathing On Vital Signs In Women With Caesarean Section

Elif Cal, Busra Cakiroglu, Ayse Nur Kurt, Siti Sugih Hartiningsih, Suryani  , Senol Dane


Purpose: Hand-foot bathing therapy is a simple technique to induce sensations of comfort and relaxation. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of hand and foot bathing therapy on vital signs in women following caesarean section.

Methods: Participants were sixty women with caesarean section. They divided to two groups: (1) study group (n=30, median age=26.67 years, SD=2.04); and, (2) control group (n=30, median age=27.75 years, SD=1.09). Vital signs were measured for 5 minutes before and for 30 minutes after the hand and foot bathing therapy.

Results: Pain score, systolic and diastolic blood pressures and heart and breath rates decreased after hand and foot bathing therapy. Differences between before and after therapy were statistically significantly.

Conclusions: These results indicate that hand and foot bathing therapy might be helpful to restore the vital signs in post-operative patients by decreasing anxiety and psychological stress.

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