Investigation of MACC1 Gene Expression in Head and Neck Cancer and Cancer Stem Cells

Ebru Evran, Hilal Şahin, Kübra Akbaş, Sadik Çiğdem, Esra Gündüz


Purpose: By investigating the MACC1 gene (metastasis-associated in colon cancer 1) in cancer stem cells (CSC) resistant to chemotherapy and in cancer stem cells (CSC) resistant to chemotherapy and in cancer cells (CS) sensitive to chemotherapy we determineda steady expression in both types of cells in head and neck cancer. In conformity with the result we examined if this gene could be a competitor gene for chemotherapy. According to literature, the MACC1 gene shows a clear expression in head and neck cancer cells [1]. Here we examined MACC1 expression in CSC and investigated it as a possible biomarker.

Methods: Our experiments were performed in the UT -SCC -74 in primary head and neck cancer cell line. We examined the MACC -1 gene expression by Real Time PCR from both isolated CSC and CS.

Results: Expression of MACC -1 gene of cancer stem cells showed an two-fold increase compared with cancer cells. Based on the positive expression of MACC1 in both CS and CSC, this gene may serve as a potential biomarker in head and neck cancer. By comparing the results of this study with the novel features of MACC1, two important hypotheses could be examined. The first hypothesis is that MACC1 is a possible transcripton factor in colon cancer, which influences a high expression of CSC in head and neck and affects the expression of three biomarkers of the CSC control group biomarkers. The second hypothesisis is that the positive expression of MACC1 in patients with a malignant prognosis of tongue cancer, which belongs to head and neck cancer types, operates a faster development of CSC to cancer cells.

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